***LAUNCH DAY*** : Trilingual Traveling + Art

Please enjoy this short Q&A about why Paintings & Places is so important to me and those who understand (or are trying to understand) the importance of travel and art!

1. What is Paintings & Places?

Hello, bonjour, hola! My name is Courtney Mortenson and please allow me to introduce you to Paintings & Places. As a student of Brigham Young University studying languages, specifically French and Spanish, my classes focus intensely on grammar and literature. This makes sense for those trying to learn words and how to put them together, but in an effort to gain cultural literacy, more than linguistic mastery is required. With this in mind, I’ve set out to visit as many places that I can that speak these languages (and any other places I happen to be able to visit along the way) in order to learn more about people and what they value from different parts of the world.

∴ travel

  1. make a journey, typically of some length.
  2. (of an object or radiation) move, typically in a constant or predictable way.


  1. the action of traveling.
  2. the range, rate, or mode of motion of a part of a machine.

2. Why art and travel?

In the limited travels I’ve already been blessed to go on, I quickly identified a universally appreciated, yet drastically individual, element that embellishes all the cultures that I’ve experienced thus far: ART. While not the only way that culture is manifested, art is a very central element. Paintings & Places is my response to this discovery and how it can help others to better appreciate and understand not only the importance of traveling, but also to find ways to make travel more meaningful.

∴ voyage

nom masculin
  1. déplacement d’une personne qui se rend en un lieu assez éloigné.
  2. course que fait un chauffeur, un porteur pour transporter qqn ou qqch.

3. What is the end goal?

My dream is that this blog will inspire those that are afraid of travel or who have been promising themselves that would travel someday to break out of their shells and keep their promises. In doing so, I hope they will look for opportunities to appreciate the art and culture of the places they visit. I aspire to witness the creation of a community of travelers, artists, scholars, families, and friends that can offer insight and inspiration to those who are just starting to travel or to share their art with the world.

∴ viaje

sustantivo masculino

  1. acción de trasladarse de un lugar a otro por cualquier medio de locomoción
  2. recorrido que se realiza para ir de un lugar a otro
  3. cantidad de una cosa que se transporta de una sola vez
  4. estado que produce el uso de drogas alucinógenas, (familiar)

So please, stick around and look at what Paintings & Places already has to offer! Feel welcome to leave comments, contact me personally, and follow the blog if you wish.

The world is a work of art; let’s admire it together.


One Reply to “***LAUNCH DAY*** : Trilingual Traveling + Art”

  1. Reblogged this on smiles in the sky and commented:
    Places to Go

    Of all the places I love most
    I like the ones along the coast.
    I also like mountains in between.
    I like to see the plains turn green.
    I like to see the cityscapes,
    the inlets, islands, glaciers, capes,
    the forests, fog, and ocean foam.
    I like to go and come back home.

    My wife, Courtney, is officially launching her blog on traveling and art today! Go on over and check it out!



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